Concept and Initial Plan -- The Clarke Historical Library Staff: Christa Clare, Kathy Irwin, Gillian Macdonald, Marian Matyn, Laura Thompson, and Bryan Whitledge

Co-Curators -- Gillian Macdonald and Bryan Whitledge, under the direction of Kathy Irwin, Dean of Libraries and Interim Director of the Clarke Historical Library

Exhibit Design and Graphics – John Metcalf, Good Design Group

Exhibit Production – Rebecca Zeiss, Superior Photographic Design and Imaging

Production of the Floor Map and “Cruise” Navigation Line – Jenn Lilly and Nick Onstott, CMU Sign Shop

Web Exhibit Production and Content Creation – Gillian Macdonald and Sara Daniels with template design by Kari Chrenka

Special thanks to:
The student staff in the Clarke Historical Library—Ben Ackley, Camille Dixson, Maggie Gipe, Nova Moore, and Nick Wright—for jumping in when all hands we needed on deck.

Denise Fanning, CMU Libraries Arts and Exhibits coordinator, for insights, aid, and supplies throughout the process.

Colleen Green, CMU Office of Native American Programming, for her subject expertise and resources.

Matt Ozanich and Adam Miedema, WCMU Public Media, for photographs and video footage of Michigan’s water in action.

Everyone in Michigan and the Great Lakes region who loves our abundant freshwater and does their part to ensure future generations can benefit from it.

Abundant Waters: Our Relationship with Michigan’s Most Precious Resource is supported in part by the American Library Association’s American Rescue Plan: Humanities Grants for Libraries.